Knowledgebase: Billing

What happens if I go over my plan or fail to pay?

Not much!!

The user and size limits are mostly indicators, and your instance won't be destroyed and you won't be overcharged if you go over them.
Usually that will simply lead us to talk about switching to another plan whenever you're comfortable with it.

If payment fails, nothing will be cut off either, we will eventually be in touch about updating your payment info, and if we don't hear back for 6 months we will consider shutting down the instance.

What payment methods are available?

We currently support contributing to our OpenCollective account which should let you pay by credit card, PayPal, SEPA debit, Bancontact, and direct bank transfers.

If you have your own collective registered there, you may contact us to receive a recurring expense directly to your collective. Please contact us if you need anything else.

Do you have a pro/business tier?

We do not offer any business class of managed hosting plans: you're welcome to subscribe to our services and donate generously accordingly to your means as a company, but be aware that this hosting service is still community-run, and has certain non-negotiable constraints :

  1. If you have much larger needs than any community we host, we will have to reject your offer. Our service is primarily meant for small to medium instances. At thousands of active users, it becomes inoptimal to share hosting, and you should have a dedicated solution, with dedicated hardware and staff.
  2. There will be no service level agreement over Best Effort: under no condition will we contractually guarantee you any uptime; even if it seems flawless in practice. We are simply not able to back this strongly with our current means, and doing so would cost more than anyone wants to spend on a mastodon instance. We will do what we can and follow best practices, but we can't afford to have people on call 24/7.
  3. We can't give you any legal guarantees either. There is no hosting company you can sue if things 'go wrong'. We're pretty confident we won't suffer any major security breach, or have to stop service in an emergency without a comfortable warning delay; but if it happens that's the end of it, you trusted talented amateurs with no capital or larger support structure, and they can only do so much in this chaotic world.

We do not provide any dedicated hosting solution as of now.
Our members might be available for consulting work to accompany you in building such solution over an existing hosting platform that can follow your needs. In doubt, you're welcome to send an email.