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the Fediverse Monster hosts 120 instances and their 29,891 members

We are currently very busy restructuring and consolidating our hosting service, we are unlikely to accept new applications at the moment.
See you in a few months maybe!

When you can't host it yourself

Hosting your own social media can be liberating but also painstaking and costly. With the Fedi Monster we share expenses, servers, skills, and you can enjoy your instance that we keep running smoothly. The monster's core idea is to enable you to carve a space for yourselves in a complex and vast network; without relying on a predatory corporation.

We offer many options and a very flexible service, trying to strike a balance in community customization and security and cost for all of us. Contact us if you have specific needs, and we'll see what we can do.

Who and What we are

An anarcho-communist collective of fediverse instance administrators, server caretakers, programmers and other workers, dedicated to providing a reliable, affordable, and ethical hosting service to many kinds of online communities.

We will not host instances and communities that promote or support capitalism, fascism, classism, imperialism, war and militarism, nazism, white supremacy, religious supremacism, police states, are directly affiliated with states, or more at our discretion. and the monster's pronouns are it/them.

Options & Pricing

from 9€/month

Mastodon is free microblogging platform, federating through ActivityPub.

Plan Personal Small Medium Large More
Cost 9€/month 19€/month 29€/month 39€/month Ask us!
Accounts 10 500
or 100 active
or 250 active
or 500 active
Media storage 100GB 300GB 500GB 1TB

Available in three flavors:

  • Mainline: the original Mastodon experience.
  • Glitch: a bleeding-edge fork with many more features & options.
  • Hometown: a fork with local-only posting and a wider range of content types.

With the least we can do:

  • reasonable processing power and flexible limits
  • a flat rate and no hidden costs
  • daily backups, saved offsite, & export at any time
  • no SLA but we can't go an hour without posting
from 7€/month

Pixelfed is free photo sharing platform, federating through ActivityPub.

It is still under development and has known issues, especially with PostgreSQL; we might discontinue support in the future.

Plan Personal Premium Community More
Cost 7€/month 19€/month 39€/month Ask us!
Accounts 10 100 500
Media storage 100GB 500GB 1TB

With daily backups, reasonable processing power and flexible limits, a flat rate and no hidden costs.


from 5€/month

GoToSocial is lightweight microblogging software, federating through ActivityPub, and compatible with the Mastodon API.

It is a young project still experimental and lacking many features one could expect.
Make sure you know what you're in for! (or what you won't find yet)

Plan Personal
Cost 5€/month
Accounts 50
Media storage 50GB

With daily backups, reasonable processing power and flexible limits, a flat rate and no hidden costs.

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If you're a non-profit, or aim to represent a marginalized community, or personally can't afford it, we might offer a discount, free service, or adapt to the donations you get.

About the Fediverse Monster

Formerly known as 'MaaStodon', it has been operating since 2017 for a few internet communities to improve their hosting conditions and make this process cheaper and easier. It even used to host before it was migrated to its own dedicated infrastructure.

It is also organized against profit, meaning that all income will be used to pay expenses, fund workers, and finally excess will be redistributed charitably. It firmly promises you that it will never sell your data to a third party; keep you locked in a subscription; or give power to outside investors.

Our finances are transparently managed though OpenCollective where our instance administrators, all their members, and third-parties interested in funding a middle ground between corporate hosting and self-hosting can contribute.