Instance Settings

Mastodon Instance Settings

Available on all branches, in your instance settings:

  • Authorized Fetch / Secure Mode (require authentication for fetching even public activities)
  • Single User Mode (redirects the front page to your profile)
  • Limited Federation Mode / Allow-list Mode
  • Custom favicon and default avatar
  • Restricted robots.txt to deny inclusion in search engines or datasets collecting crawlers
  • Using a custom SMTP (e-mail) server
  • Setting your own Deepl or LibreTranslate keys to enable translation services
  • Full-text Search (for posts you authored or interacted with only; toggled on demand to support)

For Glitch and Hometown:

  • Max post length

Specifically for Glitch:

  • Max bio length
  • Max number of poll options or profile fields

Themes (or glitch skins) can be added by contacting us, on the condition that everyone can use them.

Maintaining a dedicated branch of any software for your use will take us a lot more time, and so that is usually when we have to recommend considering running the instance yourself, or switch to a payment plan adapted to the additional work.

Mastodon Instance Settings